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Ervin "EP" Pope is an award-winning producer and composer whose artistic gifts transcend genre and defy definition. Raised with the rich roots of Gospel music then schooled in the stems of hip-hop, R&B, and jazz, EP's approach to his craft is based on sharply honed musical instincts.

His catalogue is eclectic, and spans the gamut from urban and gritty to warm and dramatic, with credits that include pop, alternative, and rock. It is this combination of contemporary consciousness wed with bred-in-the-bone soul that has given shape to an impressive body of work, one that is full of contrast, story, and dimension.

Integrity and professionalism top his list of personal values, making him a breeze to work with; his intuitive style of play and production, a delight. With a highly developed ear and a complex palette, these qualities have positioned EP to collaborate with a number of influential artists including Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Jay-Z, Ne-Yo, Kanye West, Diddy, Brandy, Twista, Snoop Dogg, G-Unit, Common, Ben Harper, Scarface, Mack 10, Angie Stone, Rick James, Jamie Foxx, Swizz Beatz and others

Grounded in gratitude for the redemptive role music played in his early life and the renewable joy it delivers in his daily rhythms,

EP's greatest sense of purpose springs from honoring his call to enrich the lives of others with his gift.

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